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Terms and Conditions of Service

Premiere Maids is committed to ensuring that the candidates brokered by its service bring together the characteristics that are advertised and that they must be those that suit the best practices of this type of service. Thus, Premiere Maids can only be held responsible for false information or acts that directly depend on the mediation service provided by it.

Premiere Maids has a database where candidates able to carry out the various functions presented, with attested professional experience, are registered. Upon the client’s request, Premiere Maids selects and appoints, as suitable for interview, the candidates who best lend themselves to the desired profile.

Premiere Maids does not sign an employment contract with the candidates, being only responsible for mediation in the hiring.

The employment contract is signed between the client and the selected candidate.

Conditions required for candidates to be included in our database

Professional experience
Letter of references or identifying components of previous employer, which allows proof of professional experience
Mandatory interview

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